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Loquace: improving work, unifying companies

Do you want to create in your company the right conditions to share information anywhere, quickly and by any medium? Loquace is the simple and convenient way to manage contacts and to allow interaction between locations, branches, sales forces, partners and clients, improving the productivity of everyone, working groups and employees.




Improve company productivity

Everyone always available at all time. Result?
By promoting teleworking, the team can meet even remotely, making company processes more streamlined and simplified.

Control a single interface

Every user controls the availability of contacts and decides how to reach them.
Set filters, responders, transfers and many other operations to monitor calls.

Reduce the costs of communication

The IP connection on which the system is based removes the cost of inter office and teleworking calls.
In addition it optimises the cost of phone connections thanks to the automatic selection of the most convenient operator.

Improved connections for office and personnel

The mobility in office and out-of-office is facilitated by the function of fixed mobile convergence.
Personnel out-of-office can utilise their mobile line like an internal switchboard, saving on the cost of calls.

Flexible and shareable management

Its multitenant architecture allows companies, consortia or franchising groups to partition one switchboard into more independent portals, for an autonomous and secure management at an affordable price.

Completely integrated system

Loqauce is based on an open technology that interacts with the most common company software, like CRM, ERP or backoffice software.
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