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Fax e centralino virtuale di comunicazione unificata

Functions that improve business relations

With Loquace you can control various services simultaneously, drawing information from a single database and sharing. From today the functions of telephone, fax, chat and conference are simplified from one interface accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Coming soon: SMS service
Freeswitch Module
This base module manages the flow of calls in the company. It includes all of the major functions of the switchboard without graphical user interface.
Hold / Resume call
Blind and attendant transfer calls (manager/assistant feature)
Call Pickup
(intercettazione chiamata)
Unconditional call forwarding
Voice recording
Supporto BLF
(Busy Lamp Field)
Day/Night service
Call Park
Digital voicemail (Dedicated voicemailbox for each extension with email delivery)
Caller ID displayed on phone
Management of working groups
Multilevel Interactive voice responder (IVR) with management interface
Direct inward dialing (DID)/direct dial-in (DDI) (to single extension/group/IVR)
DISA Service
Advanced queues management
Call recording
Audio conferencing management
Accounting with CDR
(Call Detailed Record)
Smart Call Routing
TLS and SRTP support
(encrypted signaling and voice)
Videocall support
FAX transmission support (T.38/G711) for ATA only
Enum Support
G711, G729, G722 codec support
ATA support for BCA devices
Loquace Unified Communication
This module offers optional services for the requirements of integrated management of company communication, with advanced functions and user interface independant from the operative system, accessible from PC, tablet and smartphone.
Click & Dial
Instant messaging (chat)
Integrated multilevel contact list with LDAP support (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Call Flow Management
Management of the switchboard functions from the web interface, including:

  • Multilevel follow me
  • Hold/Resume call
  • Blind and attendant transfer calls
  • Audio conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Advanced queues management

Fax server functionality (T38, G711) with PDF documents support
Fax-to-email feature with PDF attachment
Web fax sending management
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There are six optimum reasons to switch to Loquace, the central telephone software that simplifies communication, improving the productivity of all working groups.
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Freeswitch Module
Loquace Unified Communication
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